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The Silva Life System 2-Day Seminar

Led by Steven & Josephina Protopappas, one of Silva’s most experienced instructor teams, you’ll experience our trademark in-depth and personalized training system, which we’ve perfected through over 5 decades of working with people from all walks of life. Under their guidance, you’ll find yourself almost effortlessly entering the deep levels of mind necessary to spark profound and lasting change.

(The Starting Point To A New Beginning)

  The Silva Life System is like having your own Mental Remote Control.  So you can speed up achieving your goals, slow down the fast pace of life, and also enjoy the view as you effortlessly get there.

This course is designed for people just like you who function in the world of Families, Careers, Jobs, Ambitions, Goals and Social Causes.  You need more from meditation than just a way to feel relaxed and connected.


The Relaxation Centering Exercise:

Develop the skill of achieving a deep state of physical and mental relaxation in a matter of moments.  This is proven to be effective to stay calm and focused in spite of it all.  The health benefits of controlled relaxation have been documented in countless University and medical studies.

Mental House Cleaning...

Self-Talk has been repeatedly shown to have a profound influence on your ability to control emotions and manage stress.  Things do happen, and yet what you say and think to yourself in times of difficulty, is the sole determinant of your success.  This is an excellent exercise that will help you to stay positive, hopeful and optimistic in challenging times.

You will also learn how to:

Speed learn and easily recall information with our 3 FINGER TECHNIQUE.

Eliminate smoking, drinking, over eating or other annoying habits, with 
our HABIT CONTROL exercises.

Sleep like a baby...anytime, anywhere  with our SLEEP CONTROL TECHNIQUE.

        Eliminate Migraine and tension headaches with our
HEADACHE CONTROL technique, and manage pain with our GLOVE ANESTHESIA technique.

Tap into your dreams, and learn how to program a dream to help you get the answer to solve your problem with our DREAM CONTROL TECHNIQUE.

Master the Law of Attraction  with our MIRROR OF THE MIND technique. (This technique alone is more than worth the price of admission.)  You will learn the technology and art of manifesting what you want for improvementin areas of interest such as; sales performance, reducing test/performance anxiety, sports improvement, improving relationships, goal achievement and more.

         Navigate your complicated social life with enhanced intuition, giving you better interpersonal relationships, with THE LABORATORY & COUNSELORS CONCEPT.

        Develop and enhance imagination, intuition  and visualization  with our FANTASTIC VOYAGE exercise.

All this, and More...Much More!

What Results are you looking for?  What is important to you?

Allow us to help you manifest your goals and live a life of purpose and contribution.

For beginners and practitioners alike, featuring personalized and in-depth training for every exercise, technique and insight you need to achieve Silva Mastery.

Led by Steven & Josephina Protopappas, one of Silva's most experienced instructor teams. Under their guidance, you will find yourself almost effortlessly entering the deep levels of mind necessary to spark profound and lasting change.

You Can:

  • Put zest into your day & add sparkle to your life!
  • Enhance your memory and concentration!
  • Transform your health and your relationships!
  • Increase your earning capacity, or pursue a new career
  • Develop your intuition & enhance the Luck Factor!
  • Create and enjoy the life you want & deserve!

You Get:
  • A complete money back guarantee!
  • A lifetime of unlimited Free review privileges (a small seating fee may apply)
  • Access to ongoing support programs!
  • World class instructors . . . Steven & Josephina Protopappas

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