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Silva Life California
Is Now
Silva Life West

Happy Holidays!

We are now offering "Live Virtual" classes via Zoom!
Our Current Offerings are:

The Silva Method 4-Day Experience
via Zoom over two consecutive weekends

The Silva Experience combines the two most requested seminars developed by The Silva Method

Save the Dates!

February 18 & 19 AND 25 & 26, 2023

Registration begins January 3

This 4-Day Experience with Steven & Josephina is specifically designed to create a deep, lasting and extremely desirable inner transformation - powerful changes, and great feelings about yourself and your world. Yes. Changes. Image changing your life!
  And, it's available via Zoom!

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Coming to You in 2023

The Silva Manfesting Seminar
via Zoom over two days!

If you are a graduate of both the Silva Life System and Silva Intuition or a 4-Day Immersion or Basic Lecture Series and your looking for the next step with the Silva Method, here it is!
The Silva Manifesting Class

To learn more about this amazing seminar
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